Micro Tasking

Mycroft is described in a CNET article as human powered grid computing.

On the Mycroft site their aim is:

harness the power of the collaborative web to revolutionize the way work gets done, provide a strong alternative to traditional web advertising

No matter how it is described, it is crowdsourcing. And a damned fine example of it too. The site refers to “collective intelligence” and has the slogan “Technology needs people”.

Mycroft displays micro tasks in banner ad format. Each task is very easy to complete requiring no specialist skills or knowledge. The examples on the demo on their web site were creating keywords to describe an object and optical character recognition from a scanned document, basically ‘type what you see here’.

What’s different here though is that there is no ‘crowd control’. It appears that anyone who views a Mycroft banner can contribute work and receive rewards.

The site is only in demo form at the moment but shows great promise.


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