Gwabs brings the battle to your desktop

“Ever wondered what happens when instant messaging meets Mortal Kombat? The answer:!”

Cambrian House is market testing it’s combination of two crowdsourced ideas – Desktop Creatures and an Online Area Combat Game.

Check out the gallery, download wallpapers, view the trailer and then pre-order the game to get access to The Feeding Tournament, upgrade credits and a Pimp Cane Weapon. The pre-order has a 50% discount at $9.95 and the game is released in September.

The trailer looks great. The reference to Mortal Kombat is no surprise. And the interaction with the Windows desktop looks really imaginative with parts of the status bar being turned into a weapon and the wallpaper being smashed!


One Response to Gwabs brings the battle to your desktop

  1. JR says:

    Hiya Martin,

    I just wanted to say what an awesome blog you have and I love it for all things crowdsourced. I especially enjoyed the open source crowd source comparison article (although I don’t agree that open source is anything different then crowdsourcing.).

    Keep up the great articles and thank you for all your writing and crowdsourcing aggregation.

    Keep battlin’ – JR

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