Angelic Crowdsourcing

Angelic Crowdsourcing at Springwise is a great article about some really inventive projects but are any of them crowdsourcing?

The various projects are all funding themselves by going to the crowd and offering a part share in the final product which varies from a CD, olive oil, a bottle of whisky in 10 years time , a couple of weeks on a desert island or the movie ‘A Swarm of Angels’.

All these projects are great ideas but there is little involvement from the crowd except handing over some money with the promise of a return. So, it’s a clever combination of the terms ‘angel investing’ and ‘crowdsourcing’. In the vein of finding new names for everything, angelic crowdsourcing has been born.


4 Responses to Angelic Crowdsourcing

  1. Matt says:

    Hi Martin

    A Swarm of Angels is not an investing model. Despite your post it does actually use crowdsourcing to elicit quality creative input from participants — hence the input already taking place on the 2 scripts — which will also be editable via the Swarm (if this isn’t crowdsourcing I don’t know what is?). It also recruits experts to fill project and production places on the production.

    You are right though, it is not a ‘traditional’ open crowdsource model: it is a more refined ‘swarming angels’ version which I think is more appropriate to creative/artistic projects.

  2. Ventus says:


    in the same concept, look at this website that I’ve just noticed This is a further step on the crowdsourcing as it aims to design and sale electronic products for the first time (it’s hardware development and not software for this time). The company’s name is Logoden. It looks promising but it’s just started. I’d recommand you to join this community, who knows it can work and you can potentially earn money.

  3. […] In a similar the A Swarm of Angels project and others discussed in Angelic Crowdsourcing, Sellaband is inviting music fans to contribute $10 towards the recording of a bands album. The album will only happen if $50,000 is raised, being contributions from 5000 fans. […]

  4. Getting open thinking through Gated Communities

    We’ve had an influx of members due to a Springwise article picking up on our Angelic crowdsourcing (You can digg that article here – and welcome to those new Angels!). So I thought it would be a great time to offer a post on the subject…

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