Big Hal – Small Launch

Amongst of the publicity of Mentos in Space, another Cambrian House idea is being market tested.

Big Hal is instant messenger translation tool that allows you to communicate in your language with anyone else, in their language. It’s a simple idea and the demo looks great.

The market testing period appears to only be a month long from August 1st to August 30th. This doesn’t seem like a very long period of time to prove the potential worth of a product.

So why haven’t Cambrian House given it more of a push? It’s difficult to find mention of it on their site. It’s also difficult to find mention of Gwabs, their other product in market testing.

If you were Cambrian House and needed to market test two ideas wouldn’t your home page, which has just had one million hits, be a good place to promote them?

Are these two projects destined to go the way of others?


3 Responses to Big Hal – Small Launch

  1. We really appreciate the feedback – particularly about how we can market our market tests better.

    Furthermore, we recognize that our market test time period may seem short, but we’re trying to stike the delicate balance between being able to rapidly commercialize a product while at the same time assuring that it is a product worthy of commercialization.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me – my direct email is available on the Cambrian House people page:


  2. […] This may just be another method of market testing prior to launch. It may also only be used internally. But there is also nothing to prevent Cambrian House users from setting up a public market. […]

  3. […] There has been some discussion in this blog and on the Primordial Soup podcast about the approach to market testing by Cambrian House. […]

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