Predictions for Cambrian House

Amidst the revamp of IdeaWarz, it appears that another method of predicting successful ideas is being trialled by Cambrian House.

Inkling is an online service for individuals and organizations to create and manage their own prediction markets. Great. What’s a prediction market? And how will this work? OK.

Once registered with Inkling, you are able to take part in a series of polls which involve buying or selling stock in an idea. These stocks can be anything from the next flavour of Jones Soda, when Bulgaria will join the EU and who will win the high density storage wars.

You receive $5000 worth of ‘inkles’ to trade and the most active user has converted these into nearly $250,000. Although inkles appear to have no value in the real world.

Their client list is very impressive including Microsoft, New York Times, O’Reilly and Cambrian House.

This may just be another method of market testing prior to launch. It may also only be used internally. But there is also nothing to prevent Cambrian House users from setting up a public market.

As the Inkling site states “none of us is as smart as all of us…” and it seems like a great idea for Cambrian House to be using them to encourage crowds to assess the ideas sourced from crowds.


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