Cambrian House Extends Market Testing

There has been some discussion in this blog and on the Primordial Soup podcast about the approach to market testing by Cambrian House.

JR writes that the market testing for both Gwabs and Big Hal have been extended into September.

Teri kindly sent me the following explanation of their approach.

We made the decision to not link our market tests on our home page because we want, as much as possible, for the product to stand on their own. Same with press releases and and wacky PR stunt – we want people to help us build market tested and approved products that have been compelling enough on their own to make money.

We purchase advertising for our market tests (with Google Adwords and BlogAds) to support them.

While we do not mention the market tests on our home page, mention them to the community so they can see what’s happening with their ideas.

No information is currently available about our market tests on the site. It’s a part of our secret sauce.


One Response to Cambrian House Extends Market Testing

  1. […] Just as Cambrian House is changing it’s voting system and addressing issues with it’s market testing, another “vote for a great software and we’ll build it and share the profits” (CFGSAWBIASTP!) site has appeared. My Dream App is collecting user submitted ideas from which 24 will be selected by a panel of developers and then will be discussed by an expert panel before progressing to further voting stages. The expert panel includes Steve Wozniak, Kevin Rose and Guy Kawasaki. […]

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