Crowdsourcing In Any Language

When Shopify wanted to internationalise their shopping cart software, they turned to their community for some crowdsourcing assistance:

Any Shopify user can create their own language templates, apply to help edit other language templates, or simply utilize other translated language templates. The original creator of a translation will lead the translation team. He or she can accept and decline assistance and will be notified of any new language strings that come online with new content that affects the checkout process or the PDF order receipts.

The beauty of it all is that everyone has their own dialect, their own spin on language, their own flavour to their shop, and now they can even carry that through to the final checkout process. For a demonstration of this fact you need look no further than the languages submitted to us by people from all over the world. A few intrepid users stayed up all night to bring us German, Quebec French, French, Brazilian Portugese, and Swedish. By Sunday we had Spanish in three flavors (including Mexico-Informal!), Czech, Dutch and a note that Cornish was in the works. How cool is that?!

Update: They’ve also translated Shopify into Simplified Chinese in under a week!


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