Cambrian House Pre-Orders

Does the Cambrian House pre-order experience harm the market testing of products?

I’ve just completed my pre-order for Gwabs and was taken through a PayPal branded checkout. Not very impressive for a company that has received $2.5 million dollars in VC funding. Also, the logos used to brand the checkout were for RenoWorks, Prezzle and Adword Alerts. No mention of Gwabs. Or Big Hal.

This is OK is you are a Cambrian House regular, but it could be confusing for Gwabs and Big Hal customers who are not aware that these products are being market tested by CH.

Which also raises the issue of what I am actually purchasing. As a member of Cambrian House I know that this is a product under market test. I also know that ‘market test’ has never clearly been defined but I am assuming that both Gwabs and Big Hal are ‘under development’ if not vaporware.

Gwabs is said to be released in October 2006. As there are no Gwabs tasks yet, I don’t know if this date is realistic? For Big Hal, pre-ordering closes on October 15th 2006 but there is no mention of a release date.

Cambrian House’s market testing is not much discussed for fear of revealing the ‘secret sauce‘. If the order process does not inspire confidence then surely both of these market tests will fail?


2 Responses to Cambrian House Pre-Orders

  1. engtech says:

    I don’t mind so much that the checkout site is Paypal branded, but I do agree that they needed the Gwabs logo on the list.

    I think the co-branding is intentional to bring attention to their other products.

  2. Lionel DAVID says:

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