Think App, Think Big

A further nine finalists have been selected in My Dream App. Once again, there are some great ideas trying to get out, but looking at the selection, there is still a chance that there will be at least one turkey in the final three.

The Good

Portal – a file sync app that lets you tag files and keep applications in sync between machines.

– interactive travel planner using user submitted content.

Whistler – turn your out of tune whistling into a number one hit. Also works for finger drumming.

Bubble Fish – displays definitions and descriptions for selected text in any application

The Bad

Pile o’Cards – an app that can link any page with any content on it. like a blog?

Puppet Constructor – make a virtual puppet show.

iGotPets – email for dogs. no seriously, it’s blogs for dogs. only joking. enter you dog’s lifestyle habits and relevant ads are displayed on it’s collar. ok, for real, it’s a dog ranking system. yeh, like my dog ain’t the best!

Hijack – a full featured message board, for the 90’s.

Chatboard – a shared whiteboard, or writeboard, if you will…

Cookbook – i only got as far as “ingredient acquisition”!?!

Ground Control – a rewrite of Apple’s Dock and Dashboard

iStyleIt – iSight your wardrobe then share you fashion sense


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