Gwabs is Go!

Another Cambrian House product has passed it’s market test which means that Gwabs is go!

I think there will be a great deal of interest in this project for 3 reasons:

  • It’s a cool neat idea.
  • It’s the first Cambrian House project that most people will have seen grow from idea to market test to release.
  • There is a similar idea being developed by the My Dream App project.

I asked Aidan, the Gwabs team lead, a few extra questions:

How much of a success was the market test for Gwabs? How did you measure it?

That’s a tough question to answer. It’s a combination of traffic flow, pre-orders, uniqueness of the idea and passion within the community and at Cambrian House. And a little secret sauce.

Any info on the secret sauce?

The secret sauce is, naturally, secret. If I told you, someone is bound to kill us both.

Can you give numbers of pre-orders?

Nope. I might tell you if you can get ten people to buy it tho šŸ˜‰ That’ll even earn you some Gwablets to spend on your character when it’s released.

Is it going to be released in October?

Probably November.

When will the first demo version be released!?

When it’s ready. Sorry I can’t be more specific. We’ll need play-testers soon enough, to help ensure game balance.


There are already a few tasks available offering Glory Points. These include translating the Gwabs site and helping promote it. But there also some product development tasks:

1-3 GPs for ideas for weapons and power moves – send in a name, description, even a sketch, and explain how it might be used. More GPs will be given for unique and interesting weapons and moves. Pick your favourite 1 and 1 combat game move and then add Gwabs style Wink Anything that makes it into the game will get additional GPs.

Gwablet 1-5 GPs for ideas for characters – names, descriptions, sketches, histories. Make sure and keep in line with the feel for the game. We’ll be posting RP tasks for the actual graphics tasks (i.e. animated sprites we can use in our game), but this is a pre-cursor to that. Anything we use in the game will get an additional GP award.

So there’s plenty of work to be done before we get our hands on Gwabs. In the meantime, why not watch the trailer, pre-order the game, digg Gwabs and get involved.


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