Crowdsource provides an inside view on crowdsourcing.

To get up to speed on the subject, try the following articles:

The Original Wired Article

Crowdsourcing on Wikipedia

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7 Responses to About

  1. Dave Garr says:

    I like your list of Crowdsourcing Companies. Our company recently launched http://www.usertesting.com, which uses a crowdsourcing model to lower the price of usablity testing. If UserTesting.com meets your criteria, I wonder if you’d be willing to add us to your list.

    Thank you,


  2. Greg Rosner says:

    “What if the solutions to our greatest problems weren’t waiting to be conceived, but already existed somewhere,
    just waiting to be found, in the warp and weave of this vibrant human network?”
    – Jeff Howe, Crowdsourcing

    We have just launched this web project called millionheads.com – its the newly launched social polling website for all the “what should I do?” questions in life. We’d love it if you tried the site out and let folks know how easy it is to see if a millionheads are really better than one in making important choices in our lives.

    Best –


  3. HusbandversusWife says:

    Sounds like you might be interested in our new blog – Husband versus Wife! We’re crowdsourcing relationship advice so that we can figure out who is right and wrong in our marital disagreements – http://husbandversuswife.com

  4. Abdul hameed khan says:

    hi sir,
    my account in amazon mechanical turk has recently suspended . I am looking for a similar site. please help me

  5. […] For an additions to this list, please contact me. […]

  6. Hi Sir/ Madam,

    We are interested to work with you, and we are ready to show our project experience and office environment. We are having 50+ people working in Kanchipuram which is located 70 km from Chennai. My name is Thiyagarajan E and i have got your mail id in a database, where I found that your team provides outsource to the talented and qualified data service centers. So, I here would like to know whether is there any opportunity there to join with your team and work for your tasks. If there please let me know that in details. I will enclose my further details in our next conversation.

    Thank you,
    Thiyagarajan E

  7. Anandh kumar.P says:

    It very good.

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