Phantom Captain Reviewed

October 26, 2006

The Phantom Captain: Art and Crowdsourcing exhibiton is getting great reviews.


YRUHRN Book Here Right Now

October 15, 2006

After only 50 days and with over 1000 contributors, the book of Why Are You Here – Right Now? has been published as a free download for a limited time. The e-book is available via with a paperback version also available.

Much of this book has been produced via contributions via Mechanical Turk, with contributors being paid for their stories. Much of the marketing activity was also crowdsourced by posting tasks on Mechanical Turk.

Now that the book has been published there is even more work to be done to spread the message with tasks such as creating a marketing flyer, blog postings, podcast mentions and photos of promotional t-shirt wearers.

This project has been a great example of both crowdsourcing and how Mechanical Turk can be used to monetize user contributions.

Art and Crowdsourcing

October 10, 2006

Andrea Grover is curating Phantom Captain: Art and Crowdsourcing at Apexart in New York. The exhibition runs from October 18 – November 25 2006 and features contributions from Aaron Koblin of The Sheep Market, Jeff Howe of and Davy Rothbart of Found magazine.

In an excellent essay produced for the exhibition, Andrea describes various websites which use an element of crowdsourcing in their art including Threadless, Learningtoloveyoumore and Found magazine.

She also refers to an article where Clive Thompson refers to “art mobs” rather than “smart mobs” and comments that “mobs can’t draw”. She then points to a more recent experiment at SwarmSketch which is having more success and is this week attempting to draw a lunar eclipse, one line at a time.

She interestingly also refers to SETI and BOINC in the context of crowdsourcing although these projects are not ordinarily discussed as such.

The exhibition promises to be a fascinating look at this relatively new concept of crowdsourcing.