Feeding Google

For reasons best described as a PR stunt prior to the official launch, Cambrian House decided that as way of a gracious thank you, they would take one thousand pizzas to the staff at the Googleplex.

This in part includes the initiation of Google into the National Viking Association. An invention of Cambrian House which appears to be a way to heap praise on those who have made Cambrian House possible. So far, this consists of Google and Patrick Lor who worked at istockphoto and is now on the board at Cambrian House.

The GoogleFeed is featured in a video, hosted on both YouTube and, of course, Google Video, shows the invaders scoping out the attack on the Googleplex. A variety of vehicles pull up to edge of the campus and people march across in with piles of pizza boxes with no visible security.

There was no sign of the security guards in an hour and a half but the Googlechefs felt theirs jobs being threatened and made it their business to heard them off site.

Previous stunts have included goat weighing. Does this kind of publicity work? Well they got to number 3 on digg. With the launch, we may now see the serious side of crowdsourcing from Cambrian House.


One Response to Feeding Google

  1. […] Guy Kawasaki is the latest inductee for the National Viking Association over at Cambrian House. He joins Patrick Lor and Google on their list of inspirational people. I wonder if they’ll be sending him a thousand pizzas? […]

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